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Ybarrola is a Basque name.  The Ybarrola family is originally from a small town in the north of Spain.  For anyone confused by the pronunciation, it is easy once you get past the first letter.  The "Y" is pronounced as the letter "E".    

David Ybarrola was almost born with tools in his hands.  Before the age of five David was working on projects with his father. They built boats, built homes, worked on cars and other machinery.  This early exposure gave David an ability to understand tools and machines.  It also started him on the way to working with his hands.

As a teenager David became interested in road cycling.  In the early 80's he purchased his first real Italian bicycle frame (Bottecchia) and assembled it from parts.  From that point on, a lover affair with bicycles began.  

Ybarrola Cycles was born from David's desire to have something he could not purchase in the local bicycle store, a classic steel bicycle like his first frame.  In 2003 David began building his first bicycles.  His eye for detail and his long experience working with his hands gave him a great start in framebuilding.

Persechini Frames.  David also makes frames branded as "Persechini".  These are named after his Grandfather Mario Persechini.  "These I consider more ornate and fancy.  The Ybarrola's are a bit more modern and sporty, while the Persechini's are a bit more traditional."